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The Ponicode Side Panel

The Side Panel is the place you should go when you need guidance in your testing.


It is made of 2 parts.

1. Testable Files

This section shows you all the files that Ponicode can help you test, so that you’ll never again be lost wondering what unit test you should get to writing next.

Ponicode searches through your open workspaces for all the files where there is at least a function it can test, and displayes them all here.

Files can be displayed as a List or as a Tree. To switch between the two mode, click on the first icon on the top right corner.

If you are working on a large workspace, you might not want Ponicode to parse through all your files to detect if your functions are testable. If you want to stop the search, simply click on the icon “Stop Search” on the top right corner. Click on the same icon if you want to re-activate the search. This setting is saved at the workspace level.

2. Help and Feedback

This section is your go-to place for all actions that take you outside your IDE. Use it to join the Slack community, send us feedback, tweet about us, or for a quick link to this documentation!