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The Ponicode VSCode extension

Ponicode VSCode extension is an IDE extension which allows to generate Unit Tests for your Javascript, Typescript and Python code in a matter of seconds.

Follow the Get Started guide to learn how to install and activate the extension.

Whenever Ponicode identifies a function in your code which it is able to test, it displays a little Pony icon to its left. On each of these functions, you can decide to apply Ponicode Unit Test or Ponicode Flash Test.

Ponicode Unit Test opens the Ponicode interface, a GUI built specifically to simplify the display, creation and manipulation of unit tests. The Ponicode interface allows a high level of customisation - enabling you to choose and edit your inputs, mocks and assertions.

Ponicode Flash Test automatically generates a test suite for your function, without passing through a GUI. These tests are bootstrapped directly in the file, and can be committed as they are or can be edited by you manually at a later time.

Both features are powered by the Ponicode’s AI engine, which suggests relevant input values for the function under test

Make sure you also explore the Ponicode Side Panel, a place where to find information on all the files and functions where Ponicode can help you test.

Visit the section Supported Technologies to find out which IDEs Ponicode is available for, and which languages and test frameworks are coming next.