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What syntax of import do we support ?

Imports can be written in various different ways.

  • In your source files, all import syntaxes work well with Ponicode.
  • In the test files, Ponicode is able to understand a wide range of common import syntaxes, but not all of them.

Here is an overview of Ponicode’s supported import syntaxes in the test file.



Ponicode supports the two most common syntaxes:

import math
from flask import Flask

The imported module can be:

  • a standard library
  • a third party module
  • a local application module

Not supported yet

Ponicode doesn’t yet support the following syntax:

  • globs
    from module import *
  • relative import
    from ..some_package import some_function
  • import function

Javascript / Typescript


Ponicode handles the following import systems:

  • basic
    import cp from "child_process"
  • relative
    import cp from "./my_child_process"
  • glob
    import * as cp from "my_child_process"
  • require
    const cp = require("child_process")

You can use jest.config file to specifies how to import files. More information, on Jest documentation

Not supported yet

Ponicode doesn’t yet supported the following syntax:

  • es6 syntax
    import { cp } from  "child_process"
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