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Install the extension

You can install the Ponicode VS Code extension directly from the VS Code marketplace.

Alternatively, you can open the VS Code extension from within VS Code. Go to the VS Code activity bar (the left sidebar) and click on the Extensions icon. Type “Ponicode” and click on Install. Voilà, you have successfully installed Ponicode within your IDE!

Ponicode on the VS Code Marketplace

If you are struggling with the previous options you can use the VS Code command line:

  1. Enter the shortcut cmd + P in VS Code.
  2. Enter the following command: ext install ponicode.
  3. Press Enter.


Visual Studio Code (version 1.37.1) or above is required to install the Ponicode extension.

No matter the language you wish to test our extension on, Node version 14 (recommended) or above is required. Click here to download node

Login and activate

Once the Ponicode extension has been downloaded, you will be prompted to Sign In into Ponicode:


Choose your preferred method of authentication (Github, Gitlab or Bitbucket). A browser window will open and will confirm successful authentication into Ponicode.


CONGRATULATION!, you are now able to use Ponicode with VS Code.

You can verify that Ponicode’s activation was successful by making sure you see Ponicode: 🚀 Ready on your VS Code footer bar.

Ponicode Wizard: Extensions section

> Start or Stop Ponicode