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Flash Test

Ponicode Flash Test allows you to generate non-regression snapshot tests in one click.

Simply click on “Ponicode Flash Test” above the function you want to test (after having made sure it has a pony next to it). If you don’t see “Ponicode Flash Test” above the function, right click on the function and select the command from the context menu.

Flash test decorator

A new window will open, showing you the progress Ponicode is making in writing the test file.

Flash test interface

Once Flash Test succeeds, the test file is opened for you automatically.

For each tested function, Ponicode writes one test suite which contains from 4 to 7 test cases. The selection of scenarios is chosen by the Ponicode AI based on what it considers more pertinent to test in order to increase your coverage. You will always find a few happy paths and a few edge cases.

Flash test result

You can configure the location where your tests are written in your Test Location Settings.

Flash Test in action