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Using Ponicode for IntelliJ

Ponicode Flash Test allows you to generate non-regression tests in one click.

There are three ways you can run Ponicode Flash Test on your function.


At the moment Ponicode works only with Maven project so make sure you open IntelliJ at the root of your Maven project, i.e. where you pom.xml lies

Click on the unicorn!

Click on the pony that appears left of your function to generate a unit test for your function.


Click the pony

Use the context menu

By right-clicking anywhere inside a supported function, you will see the option Run Ponicode FlashTest, just clicking this option will generate your unit tests.

Ponicode flashtest in the context menu

No click, just keyboard

You can launch Ponicode using the keyboard shortcut ctrl+ alt+A, then C.