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Using Ponicode CLI

Warning: Ponicode CLI is available for Typescript, Javascript and Python. However, some of the options listed below are only available for TypeScript

Write a test file for a given source file

To use Ponicode CLI on one specific source file, you can simply use:

ponicode test /path/to/your/source_file

Write a test file for a specific function in a source file (--func)

If you want to add tests for a specific function, Ponicode CLI does it for you. To do so, simply run:

ponicode test --func mySuperFunction /path/to/source_file

Write a test file for multiples files

You really want to go to the step further and add tests for multiples files?

To do so, you have multiple possibilities.

Given files

If you want to add test files for specific source files, you can specify which one only by adding them as arguments to the command, such as:

ponicode test src/utils.ts src/superFile.ts

Glob pattern (**/\*)

Maybe you’re too lazy to write every single files in the command line, and want to use a glob pattern to fetch them all?

With Ponicode CLI, you can do it:

ponicode test src/**/*.ts

Write a JSON report (--json)

You may want data about your code and the tests generated?

You can generate it along the generated tests, and have it in a json file.

ponicode test src/utils.ts --json

By default, the JSON will be written in the current directory you’re executing the command. If you want to have it in a different location, simply specify it next to the --json such as:

poniode test src/utils.ts --json report/poni-report.json

Note: You have to add the --json option to the end of the command.

Dry run (--dry-run)

If you want to test the capabilities of Ponicode CLI, but don’t want it to generate test files, you can run ponicode with the option --dry-run. To do so:

ponicode test --dry-run src/api/**.js

Use Rewire (--rewire / -r) [JS/TS only]

By default, Ponicode does not generate unit tests for functions that are not exported. If you would like Ponicode to use the dependency rewire to unit test unexported functions, you can use the flag -r when launching ponicode test:

ponicode test src/myFolder/myFile.ts --rewire

When using this flag, please keep in mind that:

  • using rewire might require additional configuration on your side for Jest to be able to run your tests.
  • Jest excludes rewired tests from its coverage calculations

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